Friday, November 24, 2006


Created by Maki Kusumoto
Published in the U.S. by TokyoPop

Slugline: College is even more emotionally screwed up than high school?
There is no escape!!!

Dolis is an odd little thing, a one-off story of a doomed little romance
between a college-aged couple, of people that don't know who they are and simply don't care about others. The question I had when reading this was whether I could care about the characters, and except for a few instances I just couldn't. The use of text served to distance the reader even further from the characters. This is an interesting character sketch, but not really much of an interesting story.

What is very interesting is the use of color in the title. Supposedly many
manga titles in Japan, at least when they are first published in magazine, use one or two additional colors rather than just being black and white. Each chapter of Dolis uses a different set of colors, which makes it a very visually striking book, even if the actual line work is merely okay. I actually feel sorry for the editors and layout folks for this title, because originally each chapter was in a separate issue, surrounded by different stories, whereas here it is the same story, so some of the color schemes seem to clash.

So if you want to see some interesting use of color in manga, Dolis is a
good choice. Beyond that, I don't find a lot of excitement in the title -- if anything, it serves to drain you of it.

- Ferdinand

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Anonymous said...

i thought that dolis was a very moving story of love. however, i find that few agree with me. as a person who has dealt with some of the issues brought up in this book i feel they did a very good portrayal of the mentally unstable and the way they love.