Thursday, December 07, 2006

Little Queens, v. 1

By Yeon-Joo Kim
Published in the US by TokyoPop

Dishonorable Mention

My brain hurt after reading this. The story tone and the actual flow of the
plot, what exists of it, jumps all over the place. I kept on thinking they had accidentally forgotten to include some panels, pages, heck, a whole chapter. Not sure why they're queens in training, and by the time they kind of gave half an explanation I didn't care. Characterizations seemed to change page to page, sometimes panel to panel. Sometimes the story took itself very seriously, other times it became very metatextual, which that is a difficult feat to pull off and the story failed in that regard. And honestly, I spent first couple chapters trying to connect the intro text to the story I was reading, and it was only after the headache started that I realized that it wasn't worth bothering. Time jumps around without explanation.

So yeah, not loving it. If the art was truly spectacular I might have rated
it better, or if the story was an ambitious failure I could forgiven the attempt, but it is neither, merely average in both respects.

- Ferdinand

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