Thursday, January 11, 2007

Angel Cup, v. 2

Written by Dong Wook Kim and Illustrated by Jae-Ho Youn
Published in the U.S. by TokyoPop

Slugline: Girls hit hard, especially against boys.
A little while ago I suggested folks to check out my other reviews over at CBGxtra, which reminded me of one of my favorite books to review, Angel Cup, a Korean manwha about girl's soccer. I waxed pretty lyrical about it, but I really thought it was a good title and fit in well with the comic shops' attempts to do outreach to readers other than the normal comic store readers. (My Comic Buyer's Guide reviews are centered around that, oddly enough.) So when I got a chance to pick up Angel Cup vol. 2, I did so.

But the last half of a soccer match took up virtually the entire volume.
Some sub-plots were moved forward, and some things were confronted, but there was nothing really surprising or that I wasn't expecting, except for the final score. Underdogs can win without winning, and with the odds stacked up against them, the girl soccer team made a good showing, with the implication that once they pull together and get organized, a rematch's result is far from certain.

I am half-tempted to tell you to skip this volume, but I'm loathe to suggest
that for fear that one or two details may end up really mattering, so while the big game is a cliche‚ in sports manga, I am still more interested in the stuff before and after the game, and that intrigue was lacking in this volume.

- Ferdinand

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