Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gravitation EX, v.1

by Maki Murakami
Published in the U.S. by Tokyopop

Slugline: Seriously, who needs a plot when you've got insanity, robot pandas and boys in bunny suits?

A caveat: I did not read the original Gravitation, though I did hear the squeeing from afar. This is a sequel to that story, so there's little in the way of introductions of characters. But for the observant reader, it's no worse than any other fast-paced manga.

And I do mean fast-paced. Hang on to your kitty ears because this book doesn't let up from page two till the end. If you're ready to roll with the insanity (familiarity with Monty Python non sequitors may help), it's a fun book that did get a couple LOLs out of me (which is a respectable accomplishment.)

The story, as I figure it: Yuki and Shuichi, yaoi lovers who already have a colorful history, have not quite mastered the art of communication (though there are attempts) and are still romantically targeted by other boys. Oh, and there's a kid thrown into the mix for extra angst. In a world where a kiss is as good as a wedding band, these two are hamming up every slight misconception into robot-panda-level disasters... and it's funny and it all makes sense, just barely.

This is a boy love title, but it is not porn. Not even a little. It's all about the crazy.

Gravitation EX is also available from Right Stuf, Intl., an online retailer specializing in anime and manga.

- Miranda


Anonymous said...

I read "Gravitation", though I haven't read "Gravitation EX" -- nor do I plan to read it. I skimmed part of it in the store. Unfortunately, it looks like some sort of glorified fan-comic. the EX art de-ages the characters who already appeared much younger than their ages in the original series. Also, though (as I said) I didn't sit down and read it, the snatches of dialogue I spotted seemed out of character for the speakers.
Those were just my first impressions, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I've read the original series and the novels... So I'd consider myself a diehard Gravi fan. :P
Anyways, Gravitation EX is amazing! There are some really sweet moments in there - and it stays interesting all the way through.
Yes, its fast paced, but thats much better compared to the slowness in some of the later Gravitation mangas... The scene transitions could be better...
The characters either look the same or better. Tohma (Touma) looks much younger and not as "evil" as before - which is disappointing. Yuki's brother got a weird tan and I didn't recognize him at all... Other than that I loved the characters. :D

Anonymous said...

I watched the Gravitation anime, and read Gravitation EX volume 1. I really enjoyed it; it stayed true to the series' true nature, without going too crazy. Only true Gravi fans would understand, folks. I'm so tired of sequels to manga/animes where it completely changes the previous one. Gravitation EX was just as funny, heart-wrenching, and enjoyable as any other Gravitation DVD or manga. I can assure you of that. I hope volume 2 comes out soon!

Anonymous said...

gravitation was awsome its happy its sad its angry it has lots of emotion and gravitation ex is what TRUE gravitation fan would die for (not literally the intense relationship of shuichi and yuki knock your socks of because there perfect for each other they both bring different things to the relationship shuichi's to much fun and yuki is no fun at all lol but at the end of the day you know they REALLY LOVE EACH OTHER.