Thursday, April 26, 2007

Series Update: The Devil Does Exist, v. 2 & 3



I was sorta expecting after the first volume for the series to take a sharp turn downhill, into the land of suck. Because often that is how stories end up, that the girl would go crazy and start debating back and forth, or what have you. I am not saying that the series breaks bold new ground -- they do have the mandatory so-sick-with-a-cold-he-passes-out storyline, and the everyone-goes-to-an-amusement-park-storyline -- but what happens are events I can sorta see happening, in that time of your life when everything seems so important and life as you know it hangs by a thread. And the problems people have don't just come from everyone not talking to each other and refusing to even attempt it, but make some sort of sense. You do not have to completely suspend your disbelief to follow this series and enjoy it. You just need to take it out for a night on the town and ply it with sake for a little bit.

Kayano and Takeru move closer together, but Takeru has severe mother abandonment issues which I sense are going to come up, and may turn into a wedge because no girl likes being compared to her mother. Ignore the covers, they are attractive but meaningless and do not represent anything story-wise.

I know people gave CMX in general a bad rap, but if you want a shoujo series that treats the creepy guy who professes love at the drop of a hat as actually creepy rather than annoyingly cute -- which seems a little more connected with reality and with a girl that seems almost normal and sane -- try this.

style="font-family:verdana;">such a way that you don't really think about it until you try to break it down. The secret of Neo is revealed -- and it's something more complicated and more reasonable than just a prehistoric creature -- and how this ties into Misaki's own background. The series ends with a mild recommendation. I wanted to give it a stronger recommendation due to the story and the characters, but the lack of background is holding it back.

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