Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Million Tears, v.1

by Yuana Kazumi
Published in the U.S. by Tokyopop

Slugline: Immortals wrestle with the meaning of existence, since they don't have much else to do.

Another reviewer compared this story to Anne Rice's work, which added tremendous depth and dramatic possibility to vampires. I don't think this is at all on par with Interview with the Vampire -- Lestat has more passion for life in his pinky finger than the three characters here have, combined.

And if you're going to live forever, being as dispassionate, petty and purely ornamental as possible is even more pointless than when mortals do it.

But about the story: starts out a bit interesting, falls into a standard-issue romance, then picks up a few more interesting elements which, unfortunately, seem to disagree with the beginning. This is supposed to be a two-volume series, so hopefully things will be explained in the next book. Our three immortals are bland, thus far, and the only character of any real interest -- or in any real danger -- is the "extra" girlfriend. The artwork is described on the back cover as "gorgeous" but I don't find it particularly noteworthy. The cover's nice, I'll give them that.

This is the kind of story that's bound to have its devoted fans and probably a slew of fanfic, but on the grand scale of things I can't say that it's dealing in any novel ideas or personalities.

Million Tears, vol. 1 is also available from Right Stuf, Intl., an online retailer specializing in anime and manga.

- Miranda



i personaly think the artwork IS GORGEOUS! and MORE!

well i bought the flowers of deep sleep volume becasue of this reason and, well, i suppose i was more drawn to the plot of flower os deep sleep, but this one seems interesting too.

the only thing that sorta bothers me is that Kazumi's using basically the same characters DX i mean, they look JUST LIKE the old character from flowrers of deep sleep T_T im sure she can do better than this.

Anonymous said...

I love this series! I don't know why no one does. It's beautiful...and so depressing. Seriously. After I finished it I couldn't read Kingdom Hearts 2.

Anonymous said...

I think this series should be given a chance. I read about it in Newtype USA magazine, and usually they make good sugjestions. Cant wait for volume 2!