Friday, March 21, 2008

Dragon Sister!, Vol. 1

By Nini
Released in the US by TokyoPop

Dishonorable Mention
Slugline: What an exciting and suspenseful story. Not.

Okay, maybe I have been away too long and my tolerance of stuff has dropped down, but I couldn't bring myself to finish Dragon Sister! because it was so boring and cookie cutter. The characters were flat, all surface, and not even the art was enough to save it. It felt like a condensation of another work, where the characters moved from plot point to point, without any apparent motivation or reason for them to do so. Unlike yesterday's review of Your & My Secret, where reading it got me mad, this just failed to engage on any level other than wondering how many pages I had left.

Edited to Add: Over the weekend, I started feeling bad that perhaps I had let my negative review of Your & My Secret bias this review, so I tried to reread it, and gave it to Miranda to consider. Miranda is the one that pointed out for an action title, two of the fights were skipped over (we see them posing at the beginning of the fight, then we skip ahead to all the opponents on the ground) and the third is aborted after a couple of punches are thrown. At which point we threw up our hands and decided to let sleeping manga lie.

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Anonymous said...

Well, not that I've read Dragon Sister yet, but I have to mention that it IS a condensation of another work. It is a retelling of the Romance of Three Kingdoms, a very famous, very popular, and very good ancient Chinese novel.

Prospero's Manga said...

Not sure if that makes it any better, because they good material to go with. Condensing meant that could have kept the good bits, but they apparently decided that were the parts that had to go...