Friday, July 18, 2008

Silver Diamond vol. 1: Silver Seed

By Shiho Sugiura
Released in the US by TokyoPop

Slugline: A boy that well-behaved and polite has to come from another world.

Rakan and his now deceased mother were found without memory in a garden, and in the years since Rakan never really learned where they had come from, but did notice that the plants on his house's plot grew far more energetically than even his neighbors. The reason for that is discovered with an assassin from another world with gun that is also a plant,Rakan made it grow into a tree. Rakan came from another world and has the ability to make plants grow, an ability that especially coveted from the world that Chigusa has come from, due to the lack of sunlight and water. But Rakan also looks like the Prince that rules that other world, not a kindly man, which Chigusa is not especially fond of.

Okay, there is some stuff here that falls into the manga cliches. Identical transdimensional twins, yaoi undertones and students that are too pretty and universally loved to be true. But while it is there, it has a light touch. It is solidly constructed, but it is a solidly constructed glider, not having much weight or importance to it. While I am reading it I am too taken in with the story, but when it is over the realization is that not much story has actually happened in this volume.

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- Ferdinand

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