Thursday, March 22, 2007

100% Perfect Girl, v.1

Art and Story by Wann
Published in the US by NETCOMICS

Slugline: A manhwa Cinderella story where the girl dumps the

Will the girl eventually get back to the boy? Probably. But
Jay Jin has every right to dump the guy, since the magic of shoujo plot manipulation first arranges for J. Max first get a little too frisky and then get a little too upset. J. Max is the fairytale prince though, so it should not be too much of a surprise that he is the more unrealistic of the characters, a little too perfect and a little too unreal. J. Max is also the one that suffers from the fall-in-love-at-first- sight syndrome, something that he even mocks himself for.

Jay Jin is a student who wants to study art, but because of
her older brother's medical schooling everything in the family has been sacrificed in order to pay for that, including her love of art. So when a foreigner bumbles into her path, she ends up helping him out of a sense of duty, since one of her additional jobs is being a foreigner host. J. Max on the other hand is just smitten with her, not because of any particular beauty on her part, though she is cute, but because she just fits in a way he doesn't pretend to understand.

Now of course there are the all the usual
problems that shoujo likes throw at a relationship, and while there are some problems with J. Max, prince of a small European principality, Jay Jin feels more honest and true, confused, angry at her family but at the same time forgiving, and just trying to understand what J. Max means to her.

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- Ferdinand

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