Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kedamono Damono, v.1

By Haruka Fukushima
Released in U.S. by TokyoPop

Slugline: Is it still bisexuality if you are attracted to both sexes of the
same sex-changing person?

You know, I hate to bring this up, and it may shock some people, but women
have sexual desires of their own at times. From manga it would seem that all women want is LOVE in the epic sense, but don't lust or think about initiating sex much. In Kedamono Damano, there is a girl who is very forward in her affections, which could be a refreshing change but since she is only a she at night -- during the day he is normal shy Japanese schoolboy -- I am not sure if this some sort of backhanded compliment for women or showing the dark side of male self-control. Or maybe I am giving the creators too much credit.

Konatsu begins the book as the manager of basketball team with a crush on Yamaguchi, the head of the team. In pursuit of her lust she discovers that Haruki, another basketball player, has a tragic condition which turns him into a girl in the evening. Once determining that Yamaguchi is a jerk not worthy of her time, Konatsu starts a relationship with Haruki by way of the usual confusion and plot twists that fill these gender-twisting romances. While those elements of the story are forgettable, the confusion of which version of Haruki Konatsu is attracted to, and her willingness to be emotionally accessible to them both, does pique my interest slightly.

- Ferdinand

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