Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sharknife, vol. 1

By Corey Rey
Published by Oni Press

Slugline: No need for sluglines when the actual comic has lines like "Let the Poetic Dance of Battle Ooze from our Fists into our Faces!"

Ceasar Hallelujah is a modest busboy at the Guangdong Factory, a five story temple to the art of Chinese culinary chefs, which has creature catastrophically lurking in its walls, occasionally disgorging monsters intent on masticating on customers who are enjoying a power-up at the restaurant! But I insist you leave fear in the anteroom, for Ceasar upon sneaking a fortune cookie is totally upgraded to the lava hot ninja 'bot of bodacious beatdowns, SHARKNIFE! Thrill to massive combo attacks that can only be managed by wielding six controllers at once, a feat of ease due to Sharknife's own Six-Gills Style of Kata knockdown! But perhaps the nattily attired gregarious gangster Ombra has plans to silence Sharknife's sayings from the seers that condense their brainsweat into each and every fortune cookie that is his startup screen!

Forgive me, but I love writing like that. May have exaggerated things a little bit.

But not by much.

This title blends its manga and video game influences seamlessly, along with a healthy does of ironic self-awareness. Sometimes the action is so massive that other than seeing some of tail that is being kicked it is hard to determine what is going on beyond it. But if one wants to see action on a scale only imagined by people who defeated Halo 3 on the "your frickin' crazy" within a single sweep of the timepiece, this is your title.


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