Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Venus in Love, vol. 1

By Yuki Nakaji
Released in the US by CMX Manga

Slugline: People go to college after high school? Really?

Sorry about the slugline, but as one can imagine, we read a lot of manga here, and there are so many high school dramas and so few college ones that it is still a surprise to find one. Stuff I barely tolerate in high school dramas make senses here, such as the lack of parents (hey, you're off to college, time to cut the string!).

Suzuna has moved away to college, and is determined to get herself a boyfriend, and immediately falls for Fukami, the best friend of her next door neighbor Eichi. But she discovers that Eichi has a unspoken crush on his best friend, and that if she in competition with anyone, it is with her neighbor. What is interesting is that Eichi doesn't claim to be gay, but still is in love with Fukami. Issues much? But Suzuna isn't put off by it, or planning to blab Eichi's secret to Fukami in order to take out her competition. She is just determined that she will be the one that will win Fukami's affectations. Maybe that is a little unrealistic, but the characters all feel unforced and real, if a bit idealized. And while there is the mandatory handsome teacher who doesn't realize that he is handsome, the character who moons over him isn't too head over heels with him.

Plus it is set in college!

You can tell I am really, really, really tired of high school dramas....?

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