Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ghost Hunt, v.3

Manga by Shiho Inada, Story by Fuyumi Ono
Published in the US by Del Rey Manga

Slugline: A team of investigators into psychic phenomenon, led by two high schoolers, investigate a series of weird happenings at a high school (not their own.)

The volume is a single of case of the SPR, a psychic research organization that is run by a 17-year-old named Kazuya. Yes, suck it up and get past the silliness of that. His part time assistant is a 16-year-old named Mai, and she may, yeah right, be in infatuation with him, even though she has tagged him as a narcissist. And there is a normal assortment of various assistants and hangers-on, representing different psychic and mystical traditions.

What is more interesting is the case they are involved in: the mass haunting of a school, with random accidents, a psychic student, a supportive biology teacher and malevolent spirits. The actual case was more interesting than the manga's relationship subplot, but I was always much more of a fan of old-school X-Files anyways. While this could be seen as a horror title, it is a very mild one, with the mystery being more of the story. Ghost Hunt draws out some aspects of eastern mystical tradition, which is welcome change of pace from the standard Western ghost story, but the standard ur-myths that you can recognize in all cultures are still apparent.

- Ferdinand

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