Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Wallflower, v.7

by Tomoko Hayakawa
Published in the U.S. by Del Rey Manga

Slugline: Four guys attempt to suppress the individuality of a girl. At the request of her aunt, apparently.

Let's dissect a bit of the teaser on the back cover, shall we?

"Four of Japan's hottest guys..." I'll have to take their word on this. They spend most of their time in chibi form.

"...are doing the best they can..." Not in this volume, they weren't.

" their mission to turn dark, macabre Sunako into a dainty young woman" And why the heck does she need to be a dainty young woman? Not every girl dreams of being a bubble-headed housewife, you know. But no, these four guys are out to "convince" her it's the thing to be -- without the least bit of evidence or persuasion.

I suppose her resistance is supposed to be amusing, except that it isn't. Given that she's a horror film fan, I'm hoping she goes Freddie Kreuger on their asses.

I haven't read the previous six volumes. I'm rather insulted they exist, but I should give them the benefit of a doubt. Maybe they're funny. Maybe Sunako has some zingers up her sleeve.

But given the tepid art and writing in v.7, I doubt it.

- Miranda

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