Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Eden: It's an Endless World, v. 1

By Hiroki Endo
Released in the U.S. by Dark Horse Manga

Slugline: Ho-hum, just another post-apocalyptic disease ridden future with killer robots. How sad is that?

Eden is a rarity nowadays: a post-apocalyptic future that was wiped out by a plague that did not turn everyone into zombies. Instead it is more about what the people that survive the aftermath of an apocalypse, admittedly one that leaves the survivors relatively intact (dying of radiation disease is not very conducive for anything but a story about a slow slide into death.) (Hey, On The Beach pulled it off -- Miranda) There is a lot of dime-store philosophy, but I am not sure if I buy it. Plus there seem to be two completely different stories going on here, centered on different children of the same man (I think.) However, the stories are told consecutively rather than being intermingled so that they could play off each other. But this jump between characters makes me wonder how much the stories are separated by time, because a robot is in both of them and I am not sure if it is the same robot or different ones. That uncertainty is not entertaining, actually, it's just confusing. Plus the big bad of the series is an organization that apparently is trying to take over the world -- what remains of it -- but for the moment it exists just as a name, nothing more. Mysterious, without having a point to it.



Anonymous said...

Just a quick correction -- the stories in the first voluem run chronologically. Chris Ballard is the military man, his son, Enoah is the protagonist of the first story and Enoah's son, Elijah, is the protagonist of the second half of Eden #1 and the rest of the series pretty much.

Basically, the part of the series that takes place in the "Eden" (with the scientist, Enoah, Hanna) is a prelude for the entire series, which takes place like...20 years later? (not sure about exact time in this series).

Prospero's Manga said...

Ah, thank you. That makes more sense.

Was there something in the text that I should have seen and missed? Or is it upcoming?