Monday, June 25, 2007

Right Stuf and referrals

We had one comment, and a couple emails about this, so I thought I would lay things out.

Yes, we do get referral fees from both Right Stuf and Amazon, along with all the Google Ads.

No, we have not become rich. I don't even think we have earned more than $20 from all sources of revenue from Prospero's Manga.

That being said, we are currently not thinking of shutting Prospero's Manga down, but I hope you can understand that the site can be time sink, and sometimes we have to prioritize our time with the stuff that pays.

Yes, Right Stuf does gives us a better referral fee than Amazon, and anything you find via both the links and our link to the search page (right column, just under the Pocky ads and above the ratings/genre listing) gets credited to our account.

That seem reasonable and fair?

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