Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Right Stuf links

I originally added the Right Stuf sales links for items that were not sold through Amazon (mostly the adult titles) but then started adding them to all entries to give people more choice. However, so few people have used them I am thinking of no longer including them for all entries, and just put them as needed.

So do readers have any thoughts about this? Email or comment here if you want to keep the Right Stuf links around...

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Roxann said...

Do you get a kickback from RightStuf when thing are purchased through your website? Since you made me aware of them, I have just been going to directly and purchasing there since I'm also buying stuff not linked from your page, but I will use the links on your page instead if that generates a little pocket change for you. From what I can tell, their prices tend to be a smidge better than Amazon, and they have a frequent buyer program as well.