Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Q-ko-chan, v. 1

by Ueda Hajime
Published in the U.S. by Del Rey Manga

Slugline: If the Powerpuff Girls were alien robots... looking for pilots... fighting alien octopi...

This series is from the creator of FLCL, so right off the bat you know that things like "sanity" and "explanations" are not real high on the priority list. However, v.1 does make more sense than any given episode of FLCL and there are interesting moments and situations... they just aren't the main focus of the story right now.

The main focus of the story is what failed to grab me. Our hero, Kirio, specializes in blas
é, and it's contagious; I find myself very blasé about him. Thus, I don't much care why Q-ko-chan focuses on him or why more robots drop out of the sky for his friends to pilot. Or whether they're aliens or somebody's toys and what exactly Kirio's mom's role is. I can barely bring myself to write a whole review for this, I'm so blasé.

Yes, the robots are cute. Heck, the alien flying octopi are cute. But Q-ko-chan really does just remind me of Powerpuff Girls and makes me want to see the movie again. (Buttercup rules!) Maybe that will dispel the

So give the book a try... or don't... or just rent
FLCL... or Powerpuff Girls...

- Miranda


Anonymous said...

Man, I know this is a year late, but you KNOW that this isn't by the creators of FLCL, right? It's just a manga by this guy who was later chosen by GAINAX to make the FLCL manga adaptation.

Prospero's Manga said...

I did not know that. Well, then he has no excuse, does he?