Saturday, January 19, 2008

King of the Lamp

By Takako Shigematsu
Published in the US by GoComi

Slugline: People who fall in love have sex?!?

This is a collection of shorts by Takako Shigematsu who has also done Tenshi Ja Nai!!, with three of the chapters linked together by the same premise and gives the collection its name. The King of the Lamp is about a King who took 1000 beautiful women to serve in his harem and is now forced to be a genie granting wishes to women who are already in love. He still makes out in this deal, because his magic requires kisses on the part of the wishees. What is interesting about this title is that it definitely was intended for an older audience than the typical shoujo, because with the woman's wish fulfilled and her boyfriend now acknowledging their feelings for each other, they fall into each arms and make love. Now, this series is not porn, it has what I would call soap opera sex, lots of sparkles, smooches, suggestive lighting and closing the curtain on the scene before they have to show anything. The same thing is portrayed in one of the other stories, so I would say this is among the first of the women's romance titles I have actually managed to read rather than just hear about. Just for that, King of the Lamp manages to eke out a 3 star rating despite the rather pedestrian storytelling because it is published a type of story that just hasn't been seen much in the US.

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