Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Missing: Spirited Away

By Gakuto Coda
Released in the
US by TokyoPop

Slugline: You'd better remember to be nice to your friends after they drag you back from another dimension.

Kyoichi has always been a bit strange ever since he and his brother were abducted at a early age, and he was the only one to return. One day, merely by the sense of smell he spots another human that has been captured by the other side, and gets her recognized by others. But the danger is that if others can see her, they too can be assimilated into the elsewhere. His friends have to drag him back to our world and deal with an Agency that has make its own hard decisions on how to save people.

Despite the back cover text, the book is only peripherally about Kyoichi but more about his four friends that risk their very existence in order to find and recover him from the elsewhere that seems to be drawn him in. There is a bit of needless exposition in the middle, as the two separate sets of characters get the same information from different sources, but I can see the use of it since it separates them and gives them separate pieces of the puzzle. And one is told when to feel dread and fear, rather than finding out for ourselves. So while this good horror, it doesn’t rise above that. It is my understanding that this is a multi-volume series, so I am interested in seeing what the blowback from this story would be, and how Kyoichi interacts with the other characters.

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